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496 Carleton Rd.

Lawrencetown NS

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Paulette Wade is the proud owner & operator of Beavercreek Winery. Started in 2005 as an hobby and in 2008 was licensed to manufacture wines to sell off site. But in 2010, she found out that the area that she lived in was a dry area which meant she had to overturn a 1934 prohibition by law to allow her to have a retail store onsite to sell her fruit wines from her retail store. After canvasing like a politician in Lawrencetown, she won over 90% of the vote.

So now its a licensed winery which has grown to where its operating full time from May to Dec. Beavercreek winery specializes in fruit wines which are made from locally grown fruit from around the valley. The winery makes over 21 different varieties of fruit wines including Naked Mead, its famous honeymoon wine made from pure honey.

Paulette has now opened an outdoor wine & cheese cafe where couples can come, relax and not have to worry about time. The café will be serving Soups, Salads, Sandwiches & assorted cheese platters for all to enjoy. And of course dessert. We will also try to accommodate those with Gluten & Dairy allergies as well. (Reservations upon request).

You can find Beavercreek wines at the retail shop on site and at Christmas crafts shows through out the valley.